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Licensing terms


BlinkBarcode ( licenses are based on the number of users and one license is valid for only one app. License is tied to the app Package Name (Android) and Bundle ID (iOS). 

B2C apps

If your app is available on Google Play/App store, than B2C licenses apply with the prices listed on the web Those licenses are a one-time fee.

B2B or enterprise apps

If your app will not be available on Google Play/App store and/or if it will be used for internal users, in an enterprise, B2B environment or banking industry, than B2B licenses apply. B2B licenses are perpetual on annual basis. For inquiries please contact us.

Embedded licenses

If you are developing a library that would include PDF417 SDK inside, then you would need embedded license. For inquiries please contact us.

User count

End user count is done by the number of installs.


If you have a license for a certain number of users and your install base exceeds that number, then you should upgrade to the next license level. In that case you will only pay the price difference from the previous license. To achieve this please contact us and we will prepare a discount coupon for you.

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